Acute Dermal Toxicity - Scherzo / Kismet H.C.* - Multinational Desecration / Seeds Of Violence (Vinyl)


Acute Dermal Toxicity - Scherzo / Kismet H.C.* - Multinational Desecration / Seeds Of Violence (Vinyl)

 · Test No. Acute Dermal Toxicity This method provides information on health hazard likely to arise from short-term exposure to a test chemical by dermal route. Test chemicals should not be administered at doses that are known to cause marked pain and distress due to potential corrosive or severely irritant actions.

E.V. Sargent, C.S. Schwartz, in Comprehensive Toxicology, Dermal Toxicity. Acute dermal toxicity is another common component of the testing battery, again the OECD protocol (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development ) or a variation employing a limit test or the FHSA, TSCA, or DOT protocols are gh some details of the tests may vary, the basic.

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